CHAPTER EIGHT - On The Road Again

JC and T-Mo got a ride to the repair shop, and the shop staff took a tow truck out to the RV and picked it up. The problem seemed bad; there was no wheel or metal plating to attach a wheel to an axle. The repair workers informed us that there was no way the RV was going to get fixed anytime soon. The parts that were needed to repair the RV had been discontinued and were no longer in production. One of the workers gave JC a ride to the Knoxville airport, where he procured a rental van to get us home. Around noon that day, we started on the trek back home.

We drove non-stop, and no one spoke the majority of the ride home. We made the necessary stops to eat and take biological breaks, but words were rarely muttered. We made it back to Pennsylvania late that night, without the beloved Holiday Rambler. It's broken and battered frame was left in Knoxville, with hopes that one day it would make it to its home.