The following story, outlined in eight graphic chapters, describes a beer-infested, calamity-filled journey taken by myself and a few of my friends. Please note: this story is not for the faint of heart, as shenanigans, tomfoolery, and disaster ensue.

A few years back, two of my buddies, JC (not Jesus Christ) and T-Mo (smaller ass than J-Lo), decided to purchase an RV for sporting event trips, random road trips, and the like. The RV was terrific, but they wanted better, and after much use, they decided to sell the 'Titan Champion' in pursuit of a bigger, better Recreation Vehicle.

EBay sells all sorts of things, and JC and T-mo decided to peruse the auctions for a diamond in the rough. And, there hiding amongst all the other Winnebago's and trailers, was the Holiday Rambler.

It was a massive creature, sporting 5 beds, bathroom, shower, dinette, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and all the other accommodations you might find in a RV. They decided to bid, and after a few days, the auction was won. There was one small hitch: the RV was in Houston, Texas, and we reside in Pennsylvania.

The calls came out immediately: "Road Trip to Houston". Some men scurried, while others took to the cause. After a few days, we had our team of young, brave men to set forth to the tiny Texas town to retrieve the luxurious beast: myself (Cyberhap), JC, T-Mo, Kostival, Don, and Scooter. We were exited to take the journey, but were too naive to understand what was to unfold during that fateful week.